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Planning for the 23 annual Ramapo River Watershed Conference is underway and several presentations are set with more to be added soon. Any ideas are welcome! The Conference will be on Friday, April 13 at Ramapo College of New Jersey. Sponsors are also welcome! Contact Geoff Welch at: geoffwelch@gmail.com


Link to an excellent article in the Bergen Record:


The 2018 Ramapo River Watershed Conference is scheduled for Friday, April 13 at Ramapo College!



2017 Ramapo River Watershed Conference

The 22nd annual Ramapo River Watershed Conference takes place on Friday, April 21, at Ramapo College of New Jersey. The 2017 edition of the Watershed Conference has exciting speakers scheduled who will present on important and diverse watershed issues.

This year the Ramapo River Watershed Conference welcomes the Environmental Assessment Class of Ramapo College which will provide keen insight on development within the Ramapo River Watershed. And we will feature a special tribute to archeologist and author Edward J. Lenik.

Lenik will be present with copies of his latest book Keepers of the Pass: The Ramapough Mountain Indians.

Find a Watershed Conference PDF here:
PR0GRAM -Ramapo River Watershed Conference 2017 PR0GRAM -Ramapo River Watershed Conference 2017

Here’s an interesting article on Watershed Conference organizer Geoff Welch.